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OZBROS LTD provides Aluminium Flat Roll Coils and Sheet Metal Products starting from Casting Process by providing their products from one of the widest Aluminium Casting Line with their extensive manufacturing partner in Turkey.

The casting systems are equipped with the most advanced technologies with caster metal feeding systems that provide a uniform flow and temperature control.

The casting facility is designed to cast 26 tons of coils with 2.250 mm and extensive quality with an X-Ray scanning and electromagnetic stirring system. The system capable of deep bed ceramic foam filtering system for liquid flow provides better metal quality.

As the casting facility serves to our final products with the most advanced technologies with skimming technology and furnace charging, It is one of the widest continuous strip casting systems in Europe.

The intensive care technology for molten metal is fundamental for the foil rolling mills to produce thicknesses lower than 0,005 mm foils.

With the positioner and pressure control systems, the most significant casted coils can be manufactured with excellent thickness and flatness control.