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Pole Production

The main criteria for choosing a suitable flagpole for your company are; Durability and Strength of the Flag Pole. 

The Esthetic and visual distinctive view by considering the location and decorative conditions

Design Criteria for the best seamless, tapered view and bending options.

Promotion and advertisement Industry are the main sectors that Flagpoles have extensive usage areas to define corporate identity.

OZBROS provides flagpoles, camera poles, and similar pole options by designing according to your needs and conditions with 3D Computer-aid design programs.

With dedicated pole manufacturing systems and design capabilities, we can provide the best options and solutions by understanding your needs and desires.

OZBROS provides Pole Solutions with Tiltable or Rigid Base Plate, anchor bolts, base accessories that allow our customer to assembly with minimum afford on the side application. In standard inquiries, the base accessories can be provided with red colour, but can be varied according to the quantity of the order for the base accessories.

OZBROS supplies aluminium extrusion and sheet metal solutions by powder painting and anodising, the poles can be anodised with various colors such as EV1-EV6 Bronze, Gold, or Black Colours.

All the designs provide resistance 36 meter /second wind speed and give excellent robustness to the pole assembly in urban areas.

You can contact us at any time with our team in the UK that can discuss your idea and requirements to provide you best technical and commercial conditions.