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Aluminium Billet Supply 

OZBROS provides Aluminium Billets according to customer requirements as our extrusion profiles manufactured with the integrated manufacturing facility of billet manufacturing.

There is a significant advantage of casting at the same facility for Aluminium Extrusion and Flat Rolled Production, which gives an ability to specialized the properties of billets to provide unique profile specifications. It is known that the high-quality billets help to provide a better life-cycle for an extrusion die and provide much better mechanical properties and repair times. As a result, we target significantly decrease the costs and controls the billets’ quality extrude. 

It is an excellent benefit of controlling the alloys as the billet quality, which is the one of the most crucial part of quality of extrusion profiles. The hard alloys are controlled completed with Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Control Systems. It gives the opportunity of crack free billet production especially vital for the extrusion profiles works with dynamic loads such as structural bumper and crush boxes in Automotive Industry.

It is possible to work with various alloys, from very soft alloys to much harder alloys. Ozbros encourage you to be a partner in the alloy development process for the advanced manufacturing process to decrease your cost and improve your product capabilities. We provide casting alloys of 1050, 1070, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6463, 7005, 7020, and special alloys. Our products cast from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 14-inch billet diameters, up to 7300mm billet lengths.

Thanks to the advanced automation technologies with computer-aided designs, hot-top air-slip casting technology, all the process data are controlled during the casting process and excellent quality aluminium billets can be manufactured with highest purity.

Outstanding billet purity gives an excellent yield strength and stronger aluminium properties where a product’s lifetime increases significantly as well. 

OZBROS provides solutions for the structural products works with dynamic forces and comply the European and American Standards with their Billet Capabilities.

There are two main homogenization process in billet casting which Continuous Homogenization and Conventional Batch Homogenization. Our products are manufactured with Continuous Homogenisation process that can provide more uniform microstructure and provide a better mechanical and chemical test results with a better temperature control during the production process. Thanks to fully automated technologies, our products are traceable with the fully automated computer control manufactured technology integrated with MES and SAP systems.