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As carbon emission is getting more important each year, Aluminum Products’ demand increases with the nontoxic, cost-effective, highly reflective, and conductive properties. Aluminum is non-magnetic, non-sparking, non-rust, which makes Aluminium a more attractive Energy Industry.

  • Wind and Solar Energy

As the wind energy and solar energy market growing rapidly, the benefits or lightweight structures are getting more important to save energy and decrease the loads on the structural systems to produce more power, such as Wind Towers. 


  • Lifts, Aluminium Ladders, and Platforms for the wind energy industry. 
  • Aluminium profiles and sheet metal solutions for solar energy systems. 
  • Wind turbine sub-components
  • Aluminium Extrusion Blades for Smaller Wind Turbines
  • Aluminium Structures for solar panels 
  • Sub-assembly and components for ground structures or roof structures
  • Semi-fabricating, such as welding, cutting, bending, drilling, machining, assembling.          
  • Platforms on offshore Structures
  • High Voltage Substations, Busbars, and Flat bars

As Electrical Conductivity requires specific know-how in Aluminium Components, OZBROS provides solutions to their customers in Energy and Railway Industry to transfer energy in the most efficient way. 


  • Up to 30 meters single length aluminium extrusion as hallow or rectangular sections 
  • Up to 450 mm diameter aluminium extrusion profile and 600 mm in width as rectangular shapes.
  • Bespoke design according to customer specification
  • Type and material certificates and tests by complying with international requirements of customers
  • Bending for various sizes of extrusions. 
  • Packing capability for overseas transports
  • Alloys type 1050 / 1070 / 6001 / 6005 / 6060 / 6061 / 6063 with possible customised requirements. 
  • Electric, Electronic, and Energy Storage

Aluminium has excellent strength with electric conducting ability, making Aluminium Extrusion, Sheet Metal, and Foil Products excellent materials for the Electric, Electronic, and Energy Storage Industry. 

  • LED and other Lighting Profiles
  • Heat sinks Profiles and Extrusion Systems with different size and complexity
  • Components for electronic industry
  • Aluminium Extrusion for electric motor housing
  • Lighting poles and bollards
  • Surge arresters and other electric panel components
  • Electric Storage and Battery Systems