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OZBROS supplies Aluminium Foil and Flat Rolled products for the packing industry. In addition to great visual properties, Aluminium Foil is especially an excellent product because of its adaptability with each printing technology and the efficient barrier features in the packaging industry. It also has excellent heat-resistance features that facilitate bonding processes. It provides a superior shield of foods and enhances their shelf-life.

Flexible Packaging

It is used to preserve the food fresh, safe for distribution, and easy store to provide longer shelf life. 

Features expected from aluminium foil are to resist higher temperatures, better adhesion performances with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, excellent plasticity, and adaptability with all printing processes and different designs.

We recommend aluminium foil usage in flexible packaging products with the features below:

Alloys Type: 8079 

Thickness: 0.0055 – 0.085 mm

Width : 25 – 1650 mm

Surface: Bright – Matt




Lid Foil

The lids foil are supplied as packing products to preserve dairy and milk drinks and bottled beverages. 

Aluminium lid foil is protected against external factors such as light, heat, gas, and fluids. It allows adhesion to plastic cups and containers. Aluminium lid foils have excellent plasticity, and it will enable covering with plastic and lacquered materials. 

We recommend aluminium lid foils with the features below :

Alloys: 8079

Thickness: 0.028 – 0.040 mm

Width: 300 – 1600 mm 

Surface: Bright – Matt / Matt – Bright 


Stretch Formed Lid Foil

Aluminium foil is used as decorative material or lids with laminated surface or Lacquered in the beverages and bottles of water, milk, wine, etc. 

Aluminium stretch formed lid foil protects the products’ quality against outside factors such as light, heat, fluid, and gas. It gives to the bottles’ visual appearance, plasticity, and adhesion ability to various materials. 

Recommend features for stretched aluminium lid foils are:

Alloys: 8079

Thickness: 0.050 to 0.080 mm

Width: 120 to 1600 mm

Surface: Bright-Matt / Matt-Bright Surface



Bottle Cap Foil

Bottle Cap Foils are used in water bottles, alcholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Expected properties from aluminium cap foil are to protect the liquid products’ quality inside the bottle against outside factors such as light, heat, gas, fluids, open it easier, prevent contamination of brim and plasticity.

The recommended features for aluminium bottle cap foils are:

Alloys: 8079, 3003, 1050 

Thickness: 0.190 to 0.400 mm

Surface: Bright-Bright 

Adhesive Tape Foil

Adhesive Tape Foils join, close, and sealing such as pipes, extensions, and boxes. The expected aluminium foil for adhesive tape features is to protect against outside effects, practical daily usage, and sealing.

Recommended aluminum foils for adhesive tapes are:

Alloys: 1050, 8079

Thickness: 0.010 – 0.20 mm 

Width: Max. 1150 mm

Surface: Bright – Bright / Matt – Bright 

OZBROS provide products that comply with the UK, European and American standards for Foil Products