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Project Management

OZBROS LTD supplies Aluminium, PVC, Profiles, Roll Formed, and Sheet Metal Products to the UK and Europe projects. As we serve diverse industries such as automotive, furniture, consumer electronics, marine, railway, construction, aeronautics, household appliances, and road transport industries, Ozbros follows the most suitable project management tools to approach different according to customer requirements. 


OZBROS LTD offers customized solutions and experience in complex projects to complete successfully by providing the best solutions with the required quality and best delivery performance to the automotive industry to satisfy their increasing demand for lightweight structures. By adding our knowledge, and experience in Project Management with a very diverse project with leading companies in Automotive Industry and other complicated projects, we transform extruded aluminium profiles into high precision components with the tightest precision tolerances and quality requirements.


New Product Commissioning

While commissioning our customers’ new products in the Automotive or Mobility Industry, we follow the project with a Technical Team, Project Management Team, Quality Team, and Commercial Team.

The project starts with a Kick-Off Meeting of Project. 

The necessary project plans are prepared by the Project Management team to details all the steps of the project. 

FAI (Initial Sample Approval) process and Monitoring of test productions are the second phases of the projects; the control gauge and fixture processes are designed, required for new products,

As for the preparation of all necessary instruction procedures and adaptation to the system before mass production, we provide all the information to the customer, and many of our customers visit our facility as well. 

The PPAP documentation and Cpk results can be provided to our customers after machining processes, and the team informed the departments weekly about new product projects,

The testing, equipment, and documentation processes are completed for newly launched products are carried out by our Quality Department.

Inspection and Process Quality

In line with the PPAP documents prepared during the new product commissioning process, input quality control plans are prepared for the critical parts and measurements defined by the customer. The results of the controls are entered and followed up in the SAP system and MES.

Our products are manufactured in the integrated manufacturing facility and all production parameters are taken from the machines, and the process quality control data is processed into the SAP system. 

The products’ fully traceable with the raw material to the shipment stage with the integrated SAP and MES Systems. The special fixtures and apparatuses are designed and manufactured for our customers to provide cost advantage solutions and ensure the reproducibility of products with the same quality and provide the fastest and most accurate geometry and tolerances.

Quality Tests

The products are verified by performing many tests and applications such as:

    • Macro control, boiling quality control
    • Hardness test
    • Tensile, compression, bending, tearing, and twisting test
    • Bending test
    • Visual inspection
    • Microstructure control
    • Ultrasonic inspection
    • Penetration test
    • Surface roughness test
    • Conductivity measurement test
    • Vibration test
    • Preparation of heat treatment recipe