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OZBROS LTD provides lightweight, customized alloyed, and structural aluminium extrusion profiles with better mechanical properties for the automotive industry. OZBROS and our exclusive manufacturing partners are the biggest exporters to the Automotive and sharply developing Electric Vehicle Industry for many years. We added our experience and engineering knowledge in Aluminium Extrusion and Sheet Metal Products. OZBROS provides solutions and products with specialized alloy by providing precision machining and welding operation with automotive standards.

Aluminium Sheet Metal and Foil demand increase with the increasing investments in the Battery and EV Industry. OZBROS provides sheet metal and foil solutions to provide an excellent product and service Automotive and Electric Vehicle Industry. 

OZBROS provides lighter solutions for the Automotive Industry with better Formability, Precision, Ductility, Efficiency, Performance, Low emission – A cleaner environment, Recyclability, and Energy absorption capability. 

OZBROS LTD Provides Aluminium Structural Parts:


  • Structural Profiles and Extrusion Products
  • Semi-finished products with precision machining
  • Car Body Parts, Interior Parts, and Components
  • Crush Protection Parts, Safety Parts
  • Chassis Suspension, Axle Subframes, and Bearing Bushes
  • Aluminium Heat Shield Products and Heat Exchangers
  • Aluminium Pipes and Pipe Bending
  • Battery Solutions and Battery Housing
  • Drivetrain Aluminium Solutions
  • Hard Foil Solutions for Lithium-Ion Batteries

OZBROS is aware that mechanical requirements are more specific than many other industries. We answer the separate needs of different automotive customer metallurgically.

All the steps of each project are handled with our project management and engineering team carefully.

As OZBROS is located in Birmingham, all the communication and responses are given immediately. It allows us to organize customer visits and any face to face discussion or technical discussion on the side.


  • Traceability with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and SAP Systems
  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 16949 Certificates
  • CNC Cutting and 5 Axis CNC Machining Centres
  • CNC and NC Punching Machines
  • CNC and NC Metal Forming Machines
  • CNC Bending Machines for different size profiles
  • TIG – MIG robotic and manual welding lines
  • Perforated and Stamping Lines

OZBROS is not only supply raw or semi-finished products. We also offer our customers semi-assembled and assembled parts.

All the projects are managed, and products are manufactured with machining fixtures and tooling. The control gauges and CMM Machines are used to verify all the measurements.

Cpk results are analysed and submitted to our customers. We comply the required results in machining operations and provide the best possible results for extrusion processes if it is required.

PPAP documents are provided to our customers by considering the specifications of our customers.

The required anodising thickness, colours, and hardness values are provided in the Anodizing Process. Traceability is managed in details with all parameters and data, thanks to fully automated anodising baths and systems with Industry 4.0 technology.

The products would be powder coated in the vertical or horizontal production lines, would be coated up to 8 meters or as smaller components.

Assembly, Customized Packing, and Kitting operations provide a significant benefit for our customers, helping them decrease cost by using the vertical integrated operations from component manufacturing to semi-finished or finished products and viable costing structure with highly controlled and standardized quality standards.

Aluminium Sheet Metal Solutions

Aluminium Flat-Rolled and Foil products have a wide range of applications in the automotive industry. They have high resistance, lightweight, formability, high corrosion resistance, and characteristics such as kinetic energy absorption, vibration reduction, sound, and heat insulation.



Electric Vehicle and Battery Production

Lithium Battery Technology is one of the fastest-growing markets in the Globe, with the increasing demand in the Electric Vehicle Industry. We are one of the few companies that provide Aluminium Extrusion, Sheet Metal, and Foil Solutions for Electric Vehicle Structural Aluminium, Battery Boxes, Cylindrical, and Poach Type Lithium Battery. Electric Vehicle. The lightweight, better mechanical test results in Aluminium Extrusion, Formability and Mechanical Values in Sheet Metal, and Hardness, Better Conductivity, and Oil-Free Foil production are the biggest challenges and concentration of us in Aluminium Production Technologies for Electric Vehicle, and Battery Technologies. 

Heat Shields:

As Heat shields protect vehicles’ parts, exhaust system, and engine from heat and extreme sound by isolating for environmental conditions, OZBROS provides flat-rolled products that provide excellent thickness tolerance, formability, insulation from heat and sound. 

The most common aluminium flat-rolled products are used in heat shield products are 1050, 3005, and 5754 alloys with H0 Tember. 

Dimensional Information

Thickness: 0.02 to 2.00 mm

Width: max. 2200 mm

Length: 400 – 6,000 mm


Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are used to secure safety in traffic. Properties expected from aluminium flat-rolled products are flatness, minimum camber, oiliness, special length, and no fissuration on aggressive bending.

Recommended product details for coated or mill finish aluminium flat-rolled products used in traffic signs are H24, H26 tempers, and 3105, 3003, 3005 alloys.

Dimensional Information

Thickness (mm): 1.00 to 4.00 mm

Width (mm): 1000 to 2000 mm

Surface Finish: Mill Finish or Coated

Coating Type: PVDF, PE

Coating Thickness (): 25 – 30 µ