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PVC Extrusion

OZBROS LTD PROVIDES U-PVC and PVC-P Extrusion Profile with the highest quality and providing the best commercially viable solutions on the market. Besides, to have extensive experience in Architectural Industry, OZBROS provides various industries such as Mobility, Industry, Towed Trailer and Caravan, etc.

Our goal is to be a business partner of the UK and European companies to increase our customers’ competitiveness, provide the best solution, and provide alternative solutions and best quality products and services.

The UPVC and PVC-P Profiles are manufactured from 160 Ton Mixing Capability to 26 Polymer Extrusion Lines with an in-house Die manufacturing facility is located in same production campus.

In addition to PVC Material, OZBROS Provides PP and PE products from the same manufacturing facility.

The products are manufactured with the most advanced production systems with very experience employees in PVC Extrusion, PP&PE Injection, PVC Die Production, and Fabrication.

OZBROS serves to Architectural Industry with 52 mm to 120 mm Windows and Door Systems that comply with French, Holland, and British Architectural System standards, 60 mm to 74 mm PVC Sliding, Lift Sliding, Louvet Cover Glasses, and Monoblock Box Systems.

OZBROS provides Laminated and Bende Profiles for Architectural Projects by considering customer requirements.

As we can provide various project base solution, OZBROS LTD can also provide the design Systems that can give our customers alternative solutions and opportunities to use ready-made systems comply European and British Standards.

OZBROS LTD supply PVC Extrusion Products with additional value with various fabrication opportunities such as CNC Machining, Drilling, PVC Profile Bending, Assembling Processes etc.

OZBROS LTD goal is to prove full solutions related to PVC Extrusion to Architectural and Automotive Industries as Extruded Products, Semi-Assembled Products, Thermal Break Assembled and Final Assembled Products.

PVC Extrusion Products have highest quality and manufactured in State of the art machinery and most advanced manufacturing systems and technology integrated with Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES) and SAP. 

Lamination Lines provides wide variety of both aluminium and polymer solutions in 4 Lamination Lines which has a capability of 35 meters / second both side lamination production speed and 15 different standard lamination colours.