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OZBROS LTD provides sublimated finishes for aluminium extruded and composite panel products by sublimation processes offer wooden, and various aesthetic opportunities to Architectural Industry.

  • Natural Oak
  • Goldan Oak
  • Kiefer Wood
  • Light Cherry Wood
  • Dark Cherry Wood
  • Golden Oak Fine Wood
  • African Teak
  • Nussbaum Fine Wood
  • Mahogany Wood
  • Other Colours


  • Powder coating:The powder coating process is the first step of the Sublimation Process to give them the product’s base color. This process gives the product the necessary shade to give the right wood effect. 
  • Bag Packing Process: This process protects the last ends of the profiles with a tape product. 
  • Vacuum Process:  The air vacuum process is applied by using nozzles in the ends of the bags, so the vacuum process is created. The profiles are perfectly adjusted to the profiles’ geometry by removing the trapped Air during the process.
  • Sublimation: Aluminium profiles and sheet metals are heated in the oven between 180 and 230º C. Sublimation process affects aluminium materials, and the ink in the bag transforms from a solid to a gas state, and the colouring is transferred to the aluminium profile accordingly.
  • Film Removal: As Air is introduced in the bags to the Aluminium Material. The film will be removed and cooled at the same time that will give the final Sublimated Products.