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About Ozbros Ltd.

OZBROS is a privately owned leading supplier of Aluminium Extrusion, Aluminium Sheet Metal, Aluminium & Steel Coil, Composite Panel, PVC Extrusion, Aluminium & Steel Roll Forming Products, Casting Solutions.

Our goal is to provide extensive quality products by various value-added operations to Aluminium Extrusion Products with the capabilities such as Aluminium Welding, Metal Forming, CNC Machining, Drilling, Extrusion Bending, Pole Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Forming, Powder Painted, and Anodizing, and Sublimation, Thermal Break, and Assembly operations.

OZBROS growth substantially in Aluminium Business in the UK and Europe with our strong manufacturing partner and excellent service by putting customer to the number one priority in our business model.

Our upmost priority to understand technical needs carefully, decrease the customer operational burdens and let them to focus their value-added operations.

OZBROS Product Range

With our exclusive partnership with the leading Aluminium and PVC Manufacturer from Turkey.

·        Aluminium Extrusion Products and Billet Casting

·        Fabrication Operations

·        PVC Extrusion

·        Aluminium Sheet Metal

·        Aluminium Foil Solution

·        Composite Panels

·        Aluminium Roll Forming

With our extensive network in Turkey and China.

·        Copper Solutions

·        Ferrous Casting Solutions

·        Non-Ferrous Casting Solutions

·        Pipe and Steel Products



OZBROS targets to give full service for our customer by answering the broadest range of technical, operational, and commercial needs by considering our capabilities starts from Casting to Aluminium Extrusion and Die Manufacturing Process, up to 600 mm width extrusion with customer’s alloy requirements such as 1050, 6005, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6351, 6463, 7003, 7020, 7005, 7050 and 9003, and process requirements for engineering products.

As OZBROS and manufacturing partners comply with Automotive and Railway Industries’ quality requirements, we have been working as the reliable supplier of Automotive, Railway, Architectural, Energy, and Trailer Industries for over five years with our partners manufacturing for more than 30 decades. 

OZBROS is located in the centre of the United Kingdom, and we provide our solutions from the UK to Europe by supplying our products as a solution partner of leading companies around the Globe.


For the Sheet Metal Solutions, OZBROS provides customized solutions to the industrial manufacturers by supplying 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx, and 8xxx series alloys sheets metal, coils, and foils to the industries where formability, conductivity, corrosion resistance, and incombustible properties are required. We offer cut to length and slitting options to dimension to your size requirements and painted according to customer needs and provide a wide range of options.

As Sheet Metal and Foil are used in various industries, OZBROS can provide flat-rolled solutions from the packing industry to the automotive and construction industry. Thanks to the manufacturing capabilities of exclusive partners’, OZBROS can serve its customers with broad technical capabilities, alloys with the highest technologies in the market.


OZBROS LTD provides PVC Extrusion Solutions and Systems, which have proven their sustainable quality in conditions ranging from -70 °C to +60 °C, and which have high UV resistance, are preferred in many different climate conditions. 

Ozbros provides all the solutions and products from the in-house integrated manufacturing facility in Turkey. It covers operations of Die Manufacturing, Extrusion Mixers, Extrusion Process, and other value-added processes to control all the quality and engineering operations.

With over 30 PVC Extrusion Press, Machining and Fabrication Capabilities in a high technology plant, OZBROS answers all range of U-PVC and PVC-P demands of customers by using ABS granules and PP and PE profiles. 

Adding value to a final product are our foremost goal as OZBROS provides products with bending, CNC Machining, Cutting, Lamination, and Assembly Operations to their PVC, PE, and PP products. 


OZBROS LTD offers Composite Panel Solutions with diverse design and colour options, with the highest quality, endurance, finishing, and a broad range of product groups with non-flammable properties. 

As Ozbros works with their exclusive manufacturing partners, we target to respond fastest to our customers, provide excellent communication and accessibility, and provide the broadest range of non-flammable aluminium composite panel products with various dimensional options. 


In addition to our specializations in Aluminium, Composite Panel, and PVC Production, Ozbros works with their manufacturer partners from a wide range of Geographical Areas to provide the best alternative material solutions to their customers such as Aluminium, Copper, Steel, Stainless Extruded, Welded Profiles, Pipes, Plates and Casting Products.

OZBROS LTD has experience in the industrial products’ supply chain for over 15 years from Turkey, Asia, and Europe. OZBROS supplies the best commercially viable solutions and technically satisfying solutions to the various sectors on the market with our extensive engineering back in diverse industries and strong partners. 

Our products are manufactured in extensive manufacturing facilities equipped with high technology production systems in the large-scale Industrial zone in Turkey. 

Manufacturing Factory View

  • Aluminium Billet
  • Aluminium Profile
  • Anodized Profile
  • Powder Coated Profile
  • Aluminium Flat Rolled Products
  • Cold Rolling
  • Foil Production
  • Painted Sheet Metal
  • Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Rolling pin
  • Folio
  • Dyed Plate
  • PVC Profile production
  • Lamella Roller Shutter


OZBROS provides Industrial Metal and PVC products that serve various industries that
require different needs in the supply chain process. Ozbros and our exclusive
manufacturing partners offer extensive attention to customers’ lead time
requirements with their high rise storage and traceability systems and rigorous
follow up for each stage of the supply chain and transport.

Sheet Metal Products are stored on the protected saddles that have a minimum risk of
damage and handling systems with maximum protection to prevent any damage on
sides of the coils and products.

Aluminium and PVC Extrusion Products are stored with fully automated systems and
carefully organized shelves and stillages systems controlled with traced with
the MRP Systems.