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Anodizing is an essential part of the aluminium extrusion coating process. The aluminum profiles are immersed in various tanks full of acid and alkaline-based chemicals and electrolytes; a current is passed through these acidic solutions in a controlled temperature and other physical environments. Aluminum profiles behave as the anode, so the electrolyte releases oxygen ions at the surface of the profile, which causes the oxygen to immediately combine with the surface aluminum to form a hard aluminum oxide film, anodized surface.

OZBROS provides aluminium anodized extrusion products with various color options from natural silver, light bronze, and different shades of brown and black to gold and other organic colors in a gloss, semi-matte range, and matte finishes, and coating thicknesses in 25 Micron thickness, provides 1000 hours salt test results.  Ozbros provides anodized products in the highest standards in QUALANOD® Certified Facility by the European Anodizers Association and capable of anodised products in higher standards according to customer requirements as well according to specific customer requirements.


  • All Organic Colours

  • Natural Silver

  • Light Bronze

  • Brown and Black Shades

  • Golden Colours

  • Various Glosses

  • Matt Coating

OZBROS provides from smaller batched size pieces anodised profiles to 8 meters and 15 meters in length anodised profiles and Natural, black, gold, shades of bronze, satinating to polishing, inox effect, scotch brite™, sandpaper finishing, steel wire brushing, shot-blasting treatments, colours, and finishing possible.

  • Smaller Batch Size Products

  • 8 Meters Length Profiles

  • 15 Meters Length Profiles

OZBROS LTD provides Hard Coated, Sealed, or Unsealed Anodised Products by considering customer requirements and applications. Our Products are fully traceable product base thanks to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and SAP, and all the process data can be monitored precisely with our fully integrated MES integration and automation systems.

The Anodised Aluminium Extrusion Profiles are manufactured in 40.000 ton annual production capacity with intelligent waste recovery, recycling, and pollution control capability to provide key environmental European Standards with Chrome – Free Pretreatment application