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  • OZBROS provides painted sheet metal products through one of the widest coil coating production line with a wide range of surface solution for different market demands.

Our goal is the provides defect-free products with our exclusive manufacturing partners by coating aluminium sheet metal products with the most advanced technologies.  The coated aluminium flat-rolled products are manufactured with the highest coating thickness precision and accuracy. Defect-free surfaces are achieved in coating production with dry-coating thickness gauges and surface control systems integrated to the production line.

By coating 4-layers in a single-pass, the coating lines are equipped to provide best surface conditions. These conditions are;

  • Hot Lamination Systems
  • Cold Lamination System
  • Embossed Product
  • Electrostatic oiling systems


As quality is the foremost critical requirement for our customer, the coated products are applied to degreasing operation by passing through the two-part cleaning section (with alkaline cleansing and flash pickling regions) before the coating operations. The pre-cleaned parts provide the required surface conditions for the tension-levelling process to provide necessary flatness and mechanical values.

All the processes are functioning under the quality department’s control to provide surface quality and coating adhesion.

Our Products are cured in a specialised Owen with a regenerative thermal-oxidizer (RTO) technology to decrease carbon footprint and coating cost operations.

Specifications of coated products:

Alloy: 1000 / 3000 / 5000 / 8000 Series Alloys

Temper: Soft 0/H4X Heat Treatment

Inner Diameter: 400mm / 508 / 610 mm

Type of the dye: FEVE-EP, PVDF, PUR-PA, PE, HDPE, PE-PA, PU

Metallic and custom colours with required RAL

Patterns would apply with customer request.

Stucco embossed finish with a thickness of max 1.25 mm.

Upon request, PE protective film can be used for lamination.

Upon request, PVC film can be used for lamination.

Coated CoilCoated StripCoated Sheet
Outer Diameter - Lenghtmax. 2600mmmax. 2600mm500-12.000mm