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Powder Painting



OZBROS provides powder painted extrusion products manufactured in fully automatic vertical and horizontal powder coating production lines equipped with SAP and MES integration to deliver all data and traceability for production data.  

Powder coatings do not typically contain solvents or compounds (VOCs), and the products are applied most efficiently on the aluminium profile to give the best aesthetically appearance and protective coating to the Aluminium Extrusion Profiles. As the coated profile cures in the oven, the film hardens, and the painted coated film form on the surface of Aluminium Extrusion Profiles. This fully functional film has final physical properties that meet many stringent performance criteria.

OZBROS provides powder painted aluminium extrusion products that comply 1000 hours salt spray test with dull and semi-dull paints that are QUALICOAT® certified by the European Aluminium Powder Coaters Association, provides full traceability in the production process and quality and in RoHS. 

The Powder Painted Products are produced in the highly automated horizontal and vertical robotic powder painting lines. OZBROS provides the shorter and longer profiles that can be powder painted with 400mm mm wide and 8 meters long in European RAL colours and gloss finishes. 

In the dedicated two different chrome-free powder coating lines, our products comply with the properties of European and the UK environmental responsibilities for automotive, home appliance, and furniture manufacturing industries.

Coated CoilCoated StripCoated Sheet
Outer Diameter - Lenghtmax. 2600mmmax. 2600mm500-12.000mm