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Industrial Products


Aluminium Extrusion, PVC Extrusion, Composite Panel, Flat Roll, and Foil Products cover extensive Industries in addition to Vehicle, Mobility, Architectural, and Energy Industries.

OZBROS provides one of the larger portfolios with various materials with the most strong manufacturers in Turkeys as an exclusive representative in the UK and EU partnership. 

We know the importance of functionality, variety in surface conditions by anodizing and powder painting, alloying selection to provide best mechanical conditions, and precision and accuracy in production by providing best quality standards. 

As aluminium has very good resistance to cryogenic environments, good reflector, heat transferring material, it is increasingly used in various industrial areas such as filter production, insulation materials, heating systems and cooling industry, etc.

Aluminium’s lightweight and its high strength properties provide the best mechanical values to make Aluminium Extrusion and Sheet Metal a more preferred metal in Industry.

Aluminium Extrusion For Engineering Industry

Extruded aluminium with various wall thicknesses and solid profiles

  • Machine construction profiles
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Pump housing
  • Ladders and scaffolding
  • Sun shading and tent systems
  • Tank roofs and floating deck systems
  • Pre-machining and assembly

Furniture, White Goods, and Household Appliances

  • Indoor, outdoor furniture profiles
  • Handles for refrigerators and ovens
  • Household electrical appliances
  • Aluminium frames
  • Shower cabinets
  • Shelve systems
  • TV units

 Other Industries

  • Defence industry – Armor
  • Car canopies
  • Conveyor and Rail Profiles
  • Profiles for aeronautic Industry
  • Billboards and road signs
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Display systems



An evaporator coil is an important component of the refrigerator. The contribution of aluminium flat-rolled products and properties expected from these products are:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity 
  • Excellent weight and strength ratio
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy to shape and form

Evaporator Coils Common Properties of Aluminium Flat Roll Products;

Alloys: 1XXX, 5XXX / 8XXX

Heat Treatment Condition: H0 to H19 heat treatment

Thickness Range: 0.090 to 0.3 mm

Width: Up to 2200 mm

 Surface: Flat Surface

Deep Freeze

Aluminium is used on the surfaces of deep freeze systems. Aluminium flat roll products embossed surface conditions that allow excellent cycling of cold air and give an excellent heat transfer with great thermal conductivity capability.

Properties for aluminium flat-rolled products are:

Alloys: 1XXX or 3XXX series alloys

Heat Treatment Condition: H14  H18 heat treatment

Thickness: 0.30 mm

Width: Up to 2200 mm

Surface Conditions: Embossed Surface and Flat Surface

Fin Stock Foil and Fin Stock Brazing Foils

Fin Stock Foil

Aluminium Flat Rolled Products are used in cooling systems, radiator systems in Automotive, white goods’ refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and heat exchangers. 

Due to the lightweight, excellent thermal conductivity, physical forming with max. Surface area, heat resistance for Aluminium’s melting capabilities, has been used as an excellent product for aluminium fin foil systems.

General Features;

Alloys: 1050, or 8006 Alloys

Thickness: 0.050 to 0.41 mm

Width: Maximum 1750 mm

Surface: Bright to Bright


Fin Stock Brazing Foils are for the manufacturing of automotive radiators. Properties for aluminium fin stock brazing foil are:

General features;

Alloys: 3003 Alloys

Thickness: 0.060 to 0.150 mm

Width: Maximum 1750 mm

Surface: Bright to Bright (no lubricant on the surface)

Cable Foil

Excellent electrical conductivity, resistance against high temperature, corrosion, and wear with long life cycle makes Aluminium a great material for Cable Foil Applications.

Aluminium cable foils features are:

Alloys: 1050 or 8079 Alloys

Thickness: 0.006 – 0.550 mm 

Width: Maximum 1750 mm

Surface: Bright to Bright / Bright to Matt

Stable (Rigid) Pipe and Flexible Pipe Foil

It is commonly used in the air conditioning, pipe industry, and solar systems pipes manufacturing. 

Smooth surface, sound and heat insulation, cryogenic properties, resistance against the high temperature of melting makes Aluminium a very beneficial material for stable and rigid pipe applications.


Stable/Rigid pipe foil properties are:

Alloys: 8006, 8079 Alloys

Thickness: 0.090 to 0.150 mm

Width: 1700 mm

Surface: Bright to Bright

Flexible Pipe Foil

Aluminium Materials are used in the flexible pipe industry for heating and ventilation applications. Properties for flexible pipe foil are;

Aluminium provides excellent flexibility and capability to be compressed around 10 % of its measured length.

Product details for flexible pipe foil are:

Alloys: 8079

Thickness: 0.040 to 0.150 mm

Width: 60-200 mm

Surface: Bright and Bright

Filter Foil

Filter foils are popular material in stove hood products.

With the high strength by weight and easy cleaning features, and good filtering capability of solid, gas and liquids, Aluminium Material is an excellent material for filter foil applications.

Filter foil features are:

Alloys: 1050, 3003, 8006 Alloys

Thickness: 0.01 to 0.55 mm 

Width: 40 to 200 mm 

Surface: Bright to Bright

Insulation Foil

Insulation Foil is used in construction sites and on the insulation of the ceiling and piping. Properties for aluminium insulation foil are:

With reflective surface, excellent protection and resistance to fire, environmental factors and less heat loss and barrier function, aluminium foil materials are great to use for the Insulation foil application.

Insulation foil product features are:

Alloys: 8079, 8006 Alloys

Thickness: 0.020 – 0.050 mm

Width: 300-1200 mm

Surface: Bright to Matt / Bright to Bright

We comply complete all the European and American Standards.