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Aluminium Slitted and Cut to Length Products

OZBROS provides slitted aluminium flat-rolled products and cut to length aluminium sheet metals with the highest standards that give the best quality results with common issues faced during the slitting and cut to length operations such as burring free edges, minimized edge waves, knives marks, cambers, and crossbows.  

The cutting tolerances in width vary from 25 mm to maximum 2200 mm. 

The Thickness range starts from 0,2 mm and increases up to 4,5 mm.

We can provide burr and knives free edge products, edge waves, chambers and crossbows.

With the experienced teams and latest technology slitting and cut to length lines an excellent slitting and cutting accuracy/precision is provided to our customers. 

The cut to length dimensions is starting from 500 mm to 12.000 mm in lengths. 

The Slitted products are produced with a special belt bridle unit are allowed to control tension and cuts 50 sheets from a coil with an excellent surface and edge quality. 

Burr free production on the cutting-edges, an excellent levelling function through the coil’s width, and great recoiling precision on the edges provide best quality products to our customers with the required dimensions.

OZBROS provides aluminium cut to length plates with extensive quality of Flatness, film coating, Lubrication or manufactured the plates with paper between sheet metals are also possible as per customer demands. 

Ozbros can provide a broad range of alloys in sheet metal with 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx series such as 1050, 5005, 30003, 5754, etc. with the condition of H14, H24, H22, H111 heat treatment and tempering. 

OZBROS also supply dimensional options with thicknesses start from 0.50mm up to 4.50 mm, and a broad range of width are possible such as 1000, 1250, 1500, or 2000 mm. 

With the latest Rolling Technology equipped with the best European Mill Providers, OZBROS provides exquisite surface quality as Flat, Embossed, Mini Diamond Patterns. 

Tread Plates would be used in the automotive and mobility industry widely. The stairs, slippery areas, toolboxes, marine accessories, and the construction industry are the other most common industries supply Aluminium Tread Plates. OZBROS provides the highest quality products which require resistance against corrosion and external factors, with no cracks on the strips’ bend locations. 

The most common alloys are supplied for thread plate alloys are 1050, 3003, and 5754 materials with H244 heat treatment. 

For the dimensional properties, the thickness range varies between 1.20 mm to 3.00 mm, and the width varies between 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000 as Diamond Pattern, and 5 bar products.