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OZBROS provides Aluminium Extrusion Profiles with various aluminium alloys and dimensions extrusions. Quality is the foremost critical approach of Ozbros to provide the best quality aluminium extrusion products on-time delivery schedules to our customers.

OZBROS provides aluminum extrusion profiles manufactured from completely primer billets with the in-house die design and manufacturing at the same production direction.

We provide a variety of dimensions, complexity, and quality of products with 1250, 1400, 1600, 2200, 2500, 5200, and up to 6200 tons extrusion presses by equipped with the most Advance Extrusion Presses on the market. 


The extrusion profiles would be cut on the production lines with +-10mm tolerances

Our Goals For Aluminium Extrusion Supply

  • Develop solutions with customers. 
  • Provide best quality solutions. 
  • Give best feedbacks from production processes. 
  • To provide commercially most viable solutions in Europe and the UK
  • To be a solution partner of our customers to discuss options and develop new processes and capabilities with them. 


Extrusion Capabilities

We provide aluminium extrusion profiles over 600 mm in width in rectangular shapes and 450 mm in round shapes from 50 gr/m to 75 kg/m.

In addition to various dimensions profiles, we can provide 30 meters single length from Aluminium Extrusion Lines, making us a reliable partner of various industries such as Trailer and Railway Industries.

 OZBROS provides Aluminium Extrusion products with various Alloy Types such as 1050, 1070, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6463, 7005, 7020,7050,7075,2011, 9003 alloys. We provide Aluminium Extrusion Profiles with the presses in Automotive standards, fully integrated with SAP and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) with Air and Water Quenching Systems. We have full control of the extrusion processes’ mechanical properties, such as hardness and tensile strength. Our billets are heated with Induction Technology that helps create homogenous heat in a short time with better temperature control. 

OZBROS works with leading Tier 2 and OEM Automotive Companies in the UK. We are aware of the specific mechanical property requirements of the Automotive Industry. OZBROS provides enhanced mechanical properties to 6063 and 6082 Alloys to provide lighter products with improved mechanical properties. 

600mm width extrusion
400x200 width extrusion

Heat Treatment

Our Extrusion products are manufactured by heating the billets with induction heating system to more homogenously heated billets before the extrusion process. Our Quenching Unit works with an excellent cooling-ratio. With a great cooling ratio, a specific material features in the extrusion process can be succeed. When extruding a new extrusion profile at the first test stages, the adjusted water and air flow can be recorded with the sensors systems and an MES system would analyze the future or current state of production.


Custom Profiles

Ozbros works with various manufacturing companies in the UK and Europe to support their bespoke solution and Engineering Projects’ requirements as a partner bespoke distributors or final companies. We share our experience by helping our customers with the extensive manufacturing facilities of ASAS and the experience of the Technical team and OZBROS LTD. 

Standard Extrusion Profiles

We provide a wide range of Standard Extrusion Profiles.

  • Lama Profiles
  • Special Lama Profiles
  • I Profiles
  • T Profiles
  • Oval Profiles
  • U Profiles
  • Rot Profiles
  • Circular Profiles
  • Angle Profiles
  • L Profiles
  • Square Profiles
  • Rectangular Profiles