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R & D

The light and more robust material requirements are more desirable each year in the industry, especially in the Electric Vehicle and Mobility Industry, it has been requested lighter material continuously. 

With the unprecedented developments in Electrical Vehicle, Lithium Ion (Cylindrical and Pouch Type) Battery, and Railway Industry Technologies, the highest strength requirements with lighter material options getting more important by considering the cost of current production technologies and abundance of the material in earth.


Ozbros Ltd approaches play an integral role in the life cycle of our products. Our primary goal is to develop existing products and processes, create innovative solutions with new product development, and provide short and long-term partnerships with our customers. 

Our goal is to under the customized needs of customers; we cooperate to find solutions to their industrial request to support providing a significant advantage in their business.

Specialized technical R&D Team Work on:

  • Alloy developments to provide better physical and mechanical properties of the product by developing thermo-mechanical processes for optimizing mechanical properties, anisotropy, and corrosion behaviour optimization surface and process conditions for coating processes.
  • Microstructural and advanced material analysis 
  • Innovative solutions for our customers’ projects together with foil, sheet, and coated product customers

Alloy Development

With R&D employees who are dedicated to new alloy and process development to generate newly developed alloys (2XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, and 7XXX) suitable for extrusion, sheet metal, and foil production, especially in Automotive, Railway & Marine Industries.

3D System Design Analysis

Verification studies with design, simulation, analysis, and test applications can be performed with advanced analysis systems with ANSYS, QForm, Solidworks, ProEngineer.