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Aluminium Fabrication


OZBROS LTD evaluates all the project requirements carefully after receive technical drawings and technical requirements with the inquiry from customers. Thanks to our highly skilled technical team, we understand and scrutinize the customer needs and discuss all the missing technical requirements to start Fabrication and Extrusion Processes with a clear technical understanding. 

All our fabricated products are manufactured with designed manufacturing and control Jigs and Tools to provide necessary accuracy and precision tolerances and quality requirements for the Automotive, Railway, Trailer, and Aerospace Industry.

Short Cutting – Bending – Punching – CNC Fabrication and Black Anodising Application on the same workpiece.



OZBROS LTD supplies CNC Fabrication Solutions with over 35 CNC 5 Axis CNC Machines provides solutions for Automotive, Railway, Trailer, Industrial Companies, Aerospace, and Architectural Industry. We can provide a solution from Small Components to 30 Meters with much wider profiles. 


Our goal is to provide value-added services with the best quality and technical capabilities to Automotive, Railway, Trailer, Electrical Vehicle, and other Engineering Industries as the best commercially viable solution.

OZBROS proud to provides products to the leader Electrical Vehicle, Trailer, Automotive, and Architectural System Companies in the UK and Europe.

All the CNC Systems are integrated into MES and SAP System, which provides full traceability of the products before the packing process.

OZBROS LTD provides all the fabricated products with the integrated one manufacturing campus to control quality, supply chain, and engineering processes in-house. 

Ozbros capable of minimizing the number of nonvalue added operations expected at several stages of the supply chain, avoiding unnecessary expenses by shortening the time process times, reducing scrap-rates, and eliminating the non-value-added operations with lean tools. It gives an excellent opportunity to add value to business between manufacturer and customer by decreasing overall operational cost.


OZBROS LTD Supplies Welded Aluminium Solutions with advanced Robotic Welding Lines can weld small complicated pieces to 30 meters in length heavy-duty Aluminium Extrusion Profiles. The production facility is certified according to EN 1090. We have full control and traceability in Welding Processes, Fabrication Application, Quality Control. 

The manufacturing facility is certified for the 15085-2 CL1 certified TIG and MIG welding process. It gives us an excellent opportunity to provide a full range of fabrication solutions to the Railway Industry. All the welding procedures can be followed and arrange according to customer requirements with experienced welders and engineers. 

Manuel Welding Lines

All the welders are qualified for related welding processes that can provide the best quality and experience in the welding process. There are full traceability and quality control in the manual welding process. The welding procedures are defined according to customer requirements, and all parameters are followed carefully according to WPS and WPQR. With the skilled quality control team, NDT control can be performed with the customer’s request. 


OZBROS LTD provides bent profiles from a smaller radius to larger radiuses in different shapes, such as round shape pipes to extrusion box section profiles. We can provide solutions from Large Architectural Profiles and over 13 meters length Trailer Upper Rail Profiles to Lower Cross Section Windows Rail Profiles for Automotive, Bus, Roof Rack Industries.

In addition to Pipe Bending and Box Section Bending, OZBROS LTD provides bent profiles for Light or Flag Pole Bending Systems.


The formed products can be fabricated after or before bending operations with polishing, CNC Machining, Welding, or Drilling Operations by considering customer needs and requirements.


The technical drawings for each bending request are checked in detail and provide European Standard for twisting or straightness after bending operations. 

and provide European Standard for twisting or straightness after bending operations. 


OZBROS LTD can provide a precision cutting option up to 5 Micron Cutting Precision with highly advanced CNC Cutting Systems in addition to the cutting option directly in Extrusion Line with 10 mm tolerances. We evaluate all the requirements at the beginning of each project.


OZBROS LTD can supply Sheet Metal Formed, Stamped, Sheet Metal Bend Products with the press and press brake machines capabilities. 

OZBROS LTD provides metal forming solutions with 25 tons, 40 tons, 60 Tons, 80 Tons, 100 Tons, 160 Tons, 200 Tons of Mechanical & Hydraulic Presses and Press Brakes that can provide alternative production solutions according to customer requirements. 


We can serve various standard manual or CNC Controlled Drilling Options to our customers from the manufacturing facility at the same production campus in Aluminium & PVC Extrusion and Sheet Metal Production Plants.


OZBROS LTD can provide perforated FAÇADE and Ceiling Solutions to FAÇADE and Ceiling System manufacturers with the Highly Advance Perforation Production Lines with advanced perforation technology bending technology at the same production line.