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OZBROS provides foil rolling, which is the fastest and the most comprehensive solutions on the market. 

Our products are manufactured with the high technology rolling systems with a VCR (variable crown roll) technology, flatness measurement roller systems, hot-edge spraying technology, and bending systems by work rolls, that gives us a great capability to provide best quality products. 

In addition to excellent technologies for the best quality automatised technologies, our products are manufactured with one of the widest foil production systems on the market.

OZBROS provides their foil product with the latest technology rolling mills equipped with the high precision x-ray systems to see defects and back-up roller with eccentricity control, allowing reducing thickness deviation to satisfy market demands. Our foil products are applicable for the brazing applications, which are broadly used mechanical heat exchanger applications. Also, custom slit unclad aluminium foils are used in mechanically joined brazing applications.

OZBROS can provide various alloy types in foil production processes such as AA 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx alloys, and various tempers such as 0, H12, H14, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28 heat treatment conditions.

We are flexible to provide a wide range of inner diameter dimensions such as 76, 150, 152, 300, 400 mm and from 25 mm to 2.100 mm width range and high precision thickness production results with 6-300 microns.

For the Battery Application, OZBROS provides oil-free hard foil products with the most demanded 20 Micron Foils to lesser thicknesses up to 7-8 microns with ongoing R&D studies. As the Lithium Battery Industry is developing, and investments have been continuing worldwide, OZBROS works to cover the industry with more competitive products. Our goal is to provide Coated Hard Aluminium Foil Application to both Cylindrical and Potch Type Battery Manufacturers worldwide. 

Foil Separator & Slitting Line

OZBROS provides the widest range of dimensions, starts from 25 mm and maximum 2.100 mm width, and the thickness range starts from 0,005 up to 0,3 mm coils with the slitting and separator lines features.

Ozbros provides one of the widest foil finishing products in the world with the latest technologic systems such as integrated online pinhole detection system with integration of MES and SAP systems equipped with Industry 4.0 solutions.

OZBROS provides slitted bright and matte foils with 1.200mm outer diameter and bright and bright foils with 1.850mm outer diameter with surface quality according to EN 14121 and plain surface, free from impurities.


Our products are manufactured in the broadest product range among all aluminium foil producers, mostly in Europe.

To serve the flexible packaging industry with the highest quality standards and specification in terms of barrier effect, OZBROS Products are manufactured with the quality detection technologies as an example of roll-mark detection and pinhole detection systems with excellent precision in production.

OZBROS supplies foil solutions to Rigid / Semi-Rigid flexible liquid food packaging, Lid-foils, Closures, and Tobacco foil products by providing a wide range of alloy type such as 1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 7XXX, 8XXX alloys and tempering solutions 0, H12, H14, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28 with an inner diameter starting from 76 mm to 400mm.

Ozbros provides high precision and accuracy in dimensional tolerances by complying with EN485-4 European standard. As the customers request tighter tolerances, OZBROS can provide foil solutions with narrower dimensional tolerances by considering customer requests and manufacturing capabilities.