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Extrusion Die Production

Die production is one of the essential parts of Aluminium Extrusion Process that provides us the required shapes and tolerances in each extrusion process. Ozbros provides small cross-section profiles to very large profiles up to 850 mm x 900 mm dies with a tolerance down to ±0,1mm. 

As Ozbros provides Aluminium Extrusion solutions from exclusive manufacturing facility ASAS, the Aluminium Dies are manufactured in the same integrated high technology Manufacturing Facility that gives full control and quick response to your projects. 

We use internally advanced simulation technics with the most advanced CNC machining centres and heat treatment methods with over 30 years of experience in Die Manufacturing. 

Ozbros provides the most complicated extrusion die solutions to less complicated solutions. We provide the best services in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Before The Die Design Process Start

Ozbros receives the extrusion profile drawings with the inquiries. After evaluating the manufacturability of the profile, we give the necessary feedback to customers technically and commercially by receiving the consultancy of the Extrusion Die Team. 

Agreement On The Die Design

After the agreement with the customer, The Die Design and Development process starts, and the team uses the latest computer-aided design (CAD) and (computer-aided) manufacturing (CAM) systems to start manufacturing of Extrusion Dies. 

After Die Manufacturing Completed

After the die design is completed, the profiles are manufactured with the design dies according to customer requirements and tolerances. The test productions are run for the first samples. These samples are delivered to the customer for approval to start serial production. 

Technical Support and Experience

Ozbros works closely with customers and manufacturing facilities without permitting any language barrier and providing the best communication and technical consultancy. We provide all the steps and progress of the die production process in detail.