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Semi Assembly and Final Assembly Solutions

OZBROS provides semi-assembled and assembled products that provide customers full value-added solutions together with fabrication operation such as Welding, Bending, CNC Machining, Drilling and Cutting Operation.

In Architectural Industry, OZBROS provides solutions with Thermal Break Assembly and Painting solutions. The aluminium extrusion profiles are cut on size; thermal break assembled rolled to the profiles and painted according to customer requirements. OZBROS can provide further assembly services to provide our customer semi-finished assembled windows, doors, or other architectural products, or even complete assembled architectural products with your brand name and packing standards. 

For industries such as Automotive, Trailer, Railway, OZBROS provides a solution with high precision and accuracy fabricated products and assembly operation with high quality by managing the supply chain of necessary tooling and fastening products according to our customer specifications and drawings. 

Our goal is to supply the best service and solutions to increase our customers’ competitiveness with a commercially viable solution. 

Extruded Aluminium, Assembled Hinges, Painted and Anodised and Welded All The Parts According your requirements.

We support you in design and provide our solutions to increase Our Customers Competitiveness in the Market. We have various solutions to provide in different industries such as Trailer, Railway, Automotive, Architectural Industries, and support your competitiveness with manufacturing and assembly options.

Welded – Assembled – Painted Solutions For Our Customers in Trailer Industry

 Welded – Bended – Assembled Solution for Energy Industry

Decorated – Perforated Sheet Metal and Extrusion Assembly Solutions.